KSmart Virtual Learner

Easy education for teachers and students

Cloud Learning

KSmart Virtual Learner is a web-based learning management application that allows for the centralization of all class management activities from a single virtual portal. This enables instructors develop courses, deliver instructions, facilitate communication, foster collaboration and assess student performance online.

Everything in one place

Use KSmart VirtualLearner® to plan, implement, facilitate, assess and monitor student learning in a face-to-face, hybrid and online learning environment. Teachers can administer, mark and grade student assessment activities.

Digitized Education Content

All-digital content delivery

Wide Resource Upload

Upload and post digital course content and lecture materials online on a customized class website which can be accessed only by your students. Most Digital Learning material upload are supported such as Word documents; PowerPoint; PDF files; Excel Spreadsheet; Videos; Audios; E-textbooks.

Easy assessment and feedback

Create and post assignments as well as receive assignment submission from students online on your personalized class website platform.
Instructors can set up interactive web 2.0 class site where useable dynamic learning materials can be accessed by students.

Extensible feature set

Third party service integration support

Service integrations

It gives instructors and students free access to Microsoft Office 360 suite through our special pact with Microsoft. Integration that offers instructors and students access to YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare and Flicker. all from a single customized class web portal.

Automated tasks

The automated online gradebook automatically grades and records each student’s score and overall grade at the end of any activity or assesment. It takes away the need to manually record student grades on paper. Student attendance can also be taken and stored electronically on the instructor customized class website.

Why KSmart Virtual Learner?

Efficient Tool

Effective and efficient teaching tools allows instructors cover more within a given time period while still improving student learning. Our product addresses most works done manually by instructors permitting them more time to focus on active student learning and assistance. 

Targeted Learning

Students experience better learning through quality and engaged education offered by our platform. Additionally, through targeted and personalized learning experience, poor performing students at your school will improve academically.

Always up

Round-the-clock service deivery gurantees students access to lecture resources leading to repetitive learning that fosters retention; This has the ripple effect of making your institution champions in educational technology, which improves your school’s rating in the nation and around the world.

Increased Revenue

Allows your institution to explore new markets via distance learning platform as well as potential for selling school courses online abroad. Through special contractual arrangement we can sell your courses in America and Europe and generate revenue for the school.

Get KSmart Virtual Learner

Experience an improved education delivery by integrating KSmart Virtual Learner software into your school workflow.

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