Who we are

KSmart Solutions Int’l is a leading education technology software company headquartered in New York, USA. We provide enterprise software applications and related services to the education industry that includes colleges, universities, K-12 schools and other educational providers.

Technology makes the difference

At KSmart Solutions our mission is to harness the power of technology to improve and advance student learning. We offer innovative education solutions of international standard using proprietary cutting edge technology that equips instructors with efficient teaching tools while providing students with quality personalized learning experience.

Strong service delivery philosophy

Efficient Teaching + Quality Delivery = Improved Student Learning Outcome

We believe that when teachers are empowered with efficient teaching tools that will enable them carry out all class teaching activities more efficiently, they will have more time to concentrate on quality teaching of students. We also try to differentiate between possession, delivery and reception of quality knowledge and education.

Education Improved

At KSmart, we provide solutions that target four core areas of education

Learning content development and delivery

Learning content development and delivery

Instructors pass across academic knowledge to students. With our products and services, instructors can now post all class learning materials electronically on class website where every student can access it at all times.

Accessible Learning Resources

Accessible Learning Resources

Through our product and services students will have 24-hour access to class content and can access them any time anywhere without being constrained to only class allocated hour. This allows transferred academic knowledge from teachers as well as the level of accessibility to course materials.

Classroom Management

Classroom Management

With the aid of technological tools teachers can now manage class activities such as classroom management including class assessment, gradebook, attendance, student performance tracking, teacher-student interaction and student-student interaction,  electronically with the aid of a simple computer.

Student assessment

Student assessment

Through our computer-based testing system, students are assessed to evaluate their performance, all assessment activities  including class projects, quizzes, tests and exams can now be done electronically online thereby eliminating the need for paper-based testing.

Providing the right tools

We provide technological solutions that allow instructors to design and create quality course content as well as provide the medium that will enable them effectively deliver the contents to students. We also provide tools that will give students access to course materials in such a way that will afford them the opportunity to effectively receive and understand what is being delivered.

Our technique…


At KSmart, we understand the role instructors play in student learning. We are not only interested in implementing a technological process for institutions but we believe in being on ground to work with instructors and students to ensure utilization and sustainability of our product delivery. Nothing is more distressing like the under-utilization of a technological installation!

Stay Ahead

At KSmart, we are quite cognizant of the fact that technology is evolving at very fast pace and considering the fact that most instructors in our institution of learning did not grow up with current technological tools, it can be quit overwhelming and intimidating. So the tendency is for instructors to either resist or not use most technological tools. At KSmart Solutions, integral to our service delivery is a process that will ensure instructor utilization and we give our clients guarantee on that.

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