Digital Classroom Set-up

We assist institutions set up a smart digital classroom equipped with capabilities such as Wireless PowerPoint projector (cuts down the need for a lot of wires), PowerPoint Screen (Both Manual and Electronic), Smart interactive Whiteboard and/or Manual whiteboard, Wireless Mic. System, Wireless PowerPoint remote control, Desktop/tabletop computer, Audio-visual computer furniture with protective system, Digital Amplifier, Solar Powered Inverter with in-built ups system for uninterrupted power supply, Software app installation which enables instructors to wirelessly project from their mobile devices to the PowerPoint screen.

Computer-based Testing Center Set-up

We assist institutions set up computer testing center equipped with capabilities such as Specially configured computers with exam taking functionalities, Facial recognition capability, Exam proctoring capability with url and browsing lockdown, Security camera installation that monitors exam environment.

Instructor Textbook Delivery Services 

Teachers in your school can order for any textbook from any publisher in KSmart Solutions International network and we deliver it to them free of charge from any country in the world…”Order for a it and we deliver it to your school address location…it is that simple!”

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