KSmart Instructor Assist Pack

Free learning resources for teachers

All-in-one Package

KSmart Instructor Assist Pack is an integrated content package that gives school or educational instructors free access to leading publishers interactive resource portal tied to textbooks and course contents.

Global Availability

Through our partnership with educational publishers, Instructors can access learning materials from many publishers around the world including textbooks. Giving instructors access to over 11,000 textbooks from over 65 Leading publishers

Up-to-date Content

Stay current in your field

Always in tune

As an instructor or teacher it is always best to stay in tune with what is happening in your field of education; having the most current information is key.  At KSmart, we realize how important this is and strive to ensure that all learning materials we provide are the most recent from their respective publishers.

Always available

Cloud-based content hosting means your content is always available to you whenever and wherever you want it. Easily access educational content online from any device anywhere in the world. Most of the learning resources we offer can be viewed directly online without first downloading them; making it easy for instructors to access these materials from devices with limited storage like phones.

Content Publishing Assist

Expand your content’s reach

Publishing Assist

Most of the content we have in our instructor pack is the work of individuals or content creators who decided to get the reach of their works expanded by publishers. If you are a content creator, we can help get your work published and distributed through our content network. Thereby expanding your reach and profits.

Flexible pricing

Adding your content to our instructional pack allows you reach millions of people globally. We provide a flexible pricing model for any content we host for instructors; whether you want a subscription based pricing, one time payment or you want to give it out for free – we can help get your content out there!

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