KSmart TestEdge

Easily assess learners’ understanding

Computer-based testing

KSmart TestEdge is a computer-based learner testing system designed to assist institutions create, design, administer and manage all quiz, test and exam processes with an integrated cloud-based storage system.

Automated grading

KSmart TestEdge® integrates a computerized grading system that automatically grades all question types with the exception of essay questions. This eliminates the need for instructors to have to manually grade papers, which is time consuming.

Asessments simplified

Get rid of the stress in assessments

Time saver

KSmart TestEdge enables instructors create assessments, study guides and worksheet in minutes using various questions, publisher content, learning series and user rated content; freeing instructors precious time and stress.

Reusable Content

KSmart TestEdge allows for reusing of assessment materials. For instance, instructors can create questions using existing content, question banks or create their own question bank. TestEdge also allows for assigning difficulty level on questions.

Remote Administration

Stay in control anytime, anywhere


KSmart TestEdge comes equipped with advanced facial recognition technology that identifies face and monitors eye movement during testing. This addresses cheating and student identity problems. This also makes it perfect for distant learning programs.

Access Control

Take charge with user access control. These allows an instructor lock down testing environment such that students are unable to print, copy, go to another URL nor access other applications on a computer by disabling all functionalities during testing.

Why KSmart TestEdge?


Presents your school with a more efficient testing system that is much better than Paper-based test. It is also cost effective as there will be no need for your school to spend money on paper, printing transportation and the human resources involved in the logistics of paper based testing system.

Time Saving

Computerized scoring system allows for more efficient teaching in your school as less time is spent by instructors on paper grading and more time on teaching. This gives your student a competitive edge. Also the extra time on the instructor’s hand allows them to give more time to helping poor performing students.


The secured cloud-based storage system eliminates the need to store physical exam papers on your school campus space.  It also eliminates the probability of destruction of exam papers due to fire or other natural hazards.


Helps your school completely eliminate cheating through individualized testing environment, computer lockdown and disabling system, facial recognition technology, eye movement monitoring detection and enhanced oversight and security through our security camera at the testing center.

Get KSmart TestEdge

Learner assessment has never been easier! KSmart TestEdge provides you with the tools to quickly and effectively test your students learning progress.

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