KSmart Lecture Capture System

Record your class lectures with ease

Lecture sessions captured

The KSmart Lecture Capture System equips schools with capability to capture every class on campus on video thereby giving students access to class lecture videos 24/7 from the comfort of their computers and mobile devices.

Lectures preserved

Lectures can be pre-recorded and distributed to students ahead of time or can be captured during live class session and made available for later review. Instructors can record their lecture via video, audio, screen capture, PR Slides and make those records available to students.

Versatile capture system

Setup and use anywhere, anytime.


Instructors can use lecture capture on their laptop at home, office or classroom. Any presentation, audio or video can be captured while also simultaneously capturing anything displayed on the computer or laptop so the instructor gets a full presentation.

Plan ahead

Present material remotely when they are not present. Record in-class lecture for student to preview or pre-record lecture for students to watch before coming to class. The ability to deliver some content before class frees up actual class time for instructors to engage students in active learning such as group work, collaborative work or problem solving.

Easy storage and retrieval

Saves you time and stress 


Its common for captured lecture files to grow over time. Our lecture capture system integrates an intelligent file storage and sorting technique. All lectures are indexed for students on their class portal and arranged chronologically based on date and time of capture.


Power means nothing without control. We have put instructors and students in control over every content captured through our lecture capture system. Instructors can decide who gets access to a particular lecture and when access is available. All captured media delivered to students allows for playtime pause, rewind and even fast-forward of any lecture.

Why KSmart Lecture Capture System?

Round-the-clock access

Enables your students to have access to lecture material 24/7. This leads to improved performance in very difficult subjects taught at your school, as students will have the opportunity to listen to instructor’s explanation of difficult concepts over and over again.

Cloud avaiability

Cloud storage means students who missed classes for reason beyond their control such as poor health, family emergencies amongst other valid reasons can get exactly what they missed in class just as the instructor taught it in class just by accessing the captured lecture online. This is particularly perfect for distance learning programs at your institution.

Learner Assist

Good for students that cannot catch up with instructor’s speed of lecture in class as well as the disabled. It also eliminates the need for your students having to do their own recording in class.

Get KSmart Lecture Capture System

Easily capture every lecture session in your class. Plan ahead by pre-recording a lecture and deliver to your students on due date. 

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